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☆♥*♥☆ Happy Birthday Aries! ☆♥*♥☆

Happy Birthday Aries! The Key Phrase is: I Am.

For those born between March 20th – April 20th~Spring Equinox

     Mi, mi ,me, me…..ahem…clearing my throat to make way for ARIES~! Aries is a Cardinal (action oriented, self starter), fire (intuition) sign located in the 1st quadrant (self oriented/personal) of the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. Because Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the need for action, movement and being first is symbolic of people with Aries prominent in their chart. Aries inhabits the 1st house of the natural zodiac. The Ascendant is the cusp of the first house as many know as the Rising Sign. Because Aries arrives immediately after the dreamy, Neptunian 12th house, when Aries arrives on the scene, everyone knows about it! Think of the first house cusp as the emergence from the amniotic fluid (the hypnotic, watery 12th house). If you consider of the symbolism, when we are “birthed” it is often rather traumatic. There are people everywhere; lights, camera, action and out pops baby! Baby emerging from the womb cries out, “Here I am”, Hear me scream, I have arrived! Everyone, come hither! Well, this is Aries...or the assertive, action oriented red planet Mars makinghis presence known to all. Think and visualize the image of a Ram. The Ram can usually seen “butting” heads with other Rams….”ramming into” something or some one to have their way.…get the picture? This is the masculine principle at its best.

     The 1st house involves areas of our life having to do with the personality and how others see us; the face we show to the world. Very often you will hear others say he doesn’t “look” like a Cancer or he or she doesn’t “look” like a Sagittarian. That is because you are seeing their Ascendant sign, the sign rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. This is why it is so important to know a correct birth time when seeking an astrological reading from an Astrologer! Aries folks tend to want things...and they want them NOW! They are known for endurance, physical strength, masculinity, and  unbounded passion.  Physically, Aries have a youthful, buoyant, exuberance to their gait. Always alert and aware of their surroundings, they are quick witted and prone to sarcasm. Oh, and charm…Aries men maintain their boyish charisma throughout their lives. Aries women want a family and a career and maintain a high energy level. Both sexes usually have very sharp cornered eyes and the eyes are prominent in the physical appearance.

Mythology of Ares/Mars

     Greek God Ares’ domain was "war". He was the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and Hera (Juno). Ares was feared by most folk. Violence and battle for his own sake “turned him on”. His own sister Athene calls him a “thing of rage, made of evil, a two-faced liar” (Guttman & Johnson, 1996). However, when the god of war is wounded or defeated in battle he flies angrily to Mt. Olympus to complain to his father who tells him: Don’t whine at me, you two-faced liar. To me, you are the most hateful of all the gods on Olympus. Wars, fights and quarrels are dear to your heart.”

     The Romans called him Mars and he was considered a heroic God. In the birth chart, Mars points to your warrior spirit. Mars is how you take action and where you operate most quickly and independently in your life. Sexual energy is implicit in the study of Mars. He is the male or masculine archetype. Mars in the birth chart, its aspects to other planets and the house (s) it rules show where and how you exert your energy and force. It shows how you initiate the sexual act and your sexual nature. Mars is the ancient ruler of the sign Scorpio with the modern ruler being Pluto. Pluto indicates our unconscious and psychological complexes while Mars pushes this to the surface of our consciousness and initiates action into the world. When Pluto and Mars aspect each other in the chart, the sexual nature is significantly heightened.

     Health issues for Aries relates to the head and face … head injuries are common with Aries folks because they are Mars ruled and can be rather feisty and very impatient. People with Aries rising or Mars in the 1st house come out fighting...have an enormous amount of physical energy and are usually quite physically hardy. Negatively, they may be prone to angry outbursts and impatience. On the positive side, they are intuitive and fearless, able to accomplish tasks others never attempt. Aries polar opposite (1st house~temperament and environment) is Libra (7th house~partnerships). The integration of “me” versus “us” is a life lesson for Aries, contingent upon other areas of the birth chart.

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