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☆♥*♥☆Let's Talk About Sex & Eros!☆♥*♥☆

Bouguereau's 1895 "Abduction of Psyche"
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Asteroid Eros is currently transiting 18 degrees of inventive Aquarius and Mars will be hooking up with Eros very soon!

“Eros has sex for the intimacy and power it brings and for the potential to transform by touching the divine soul of another, at whatever cost”(Falconer, 2004). It is Eros who soars all over the earth, equipped with his bow and arrow, “bewitching” all the arrow strikes. The symbolism is such that erotic love and passion strikes when least expected. The way we respond to these sudden feelings are dependent on temperament and individual evolution. Does life lives become chaotic and unpredictable? Do we become obsessed and possessed by these passions? Eros transits may indicate areas of life where erotic love and passion awaken the senses and possess transformative power.

Martha Lang-Westcott’s Mechanics of the Future~Asteroids, says this of Eros: “Eros represents what turns us on and defines sexual interest. It is the essential element of the survival instinct, and for this reason, it is often prominent in death charts when the “drive to love” is shadowed by transit and/or directions or progressions".

What motivates, empowers or drives a person is where Eros is located in the birth chart.  Eros is the asteroid of eroticism yet may be where we become obsessed, what we are passionate about.  Some question aren't all obsessions/passions unhealthy?  If utilized in a healthful way, passion propels to strive for what's fulfilling.  Without an "obsession" or passionate focus to succeed, doctors would never practice medicine, lawyers would not pass the Bar Exam to practice law, painters could not create, and poets would not write. It takes a certain amount of angst, perseverance, and passionate focus to succeed in any area of life. Where Eros is located in the natal is where we are passionately attached; where passions emanate.  

Eros is a symbol of both erotic and sexual love yet we must remember what the underlying dynamic of erotic love is the creative impulse. We can transmute sexual desires into works of art (Van Gogh), inventions or writings.  Eros is a state of mind.   House location in the chart is where we are most passionate; what we are passionate about. This may be a hobby or interest that brings success because we tend to place focus on our Eros.

Do you know where Asteroid Eros is located in your birth chart? In synastry; chart compatibility, if your Eros is conjunct or opposite your partners, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto or their Name asteroid (yes, there is likely  an asteroid named after yourself!) this will prove another indication of erotic/sexual attraction/love.

When Eros is conjunct (in the same degree) Psyche, you have likely found your Soul Mate as Eros and Psyche were mythical ancient Lovers. According to Guttman and Johnson (1996), this is a story of love (Eros) in search of a soul (Psyche) and a soul in search of love. This myth is highly symbolic of marriage even in these contemporary times. With starry eyes we find our mates. After awhile we dare to look and see them as they really are; disillusionment sets in. Whether the separation is emotional or physical, it somehow occurs. The partnership goes through tests, trials, and challenges and thus discovers how strong the bond or union actually is. If strong, it survives these challenges, and becomes better and stronger than ever. Like Eros and Psyche at the end of their story, we are happily reunited as equals in the mating game (Guttman & Johnson, 1996). Soul Mate relationships often bring tests and lessons in relating.

With Uranus direct, expect the unexpected!!

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Lorraine Valente

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