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☆♥*♥☆Aquarius/Leo Relationship Axis☆♥*♥☆

Aquarius/Leo Relationship Axis

Ascendant/Descendant (1st house/7th house)

Knowing the sign of partners 7th house cusp (the relationship house) and the ruler of that house indicates the type of partner you may attract, who you're attracted to, and the method of relating within that relationship.

The Ascendant, or Rising sign, is the sign rising on the horizon at the time of birth. This is the face we show the world, our “mask” for which our Sun hides behind. This is our outer personality, temperament, and disposition as well as how we experienced our early home environment growing up. It is the way others see us and also gives indication of our physical appearance. The ruler of the Ascendant and the aspects (connections to other planets in your birth chart) further delineate and define your physical appearance.

The Descendant, 7th house cusp, its ruler, and the aspects it makes in the natal, symbolize the type of partner you may be attracted to or that you attract into your life. The 7th house attracts all partnerships including marriage and legal contracts yet is also considered the house of open enemies or the Defendant in a law suit.

Aquarius' modern ruler is Uranus and karmic Saturn the ancient ruler. If your Ascendant is Aquarius, you appear honest and truthful. Friendships are easily formed because you're an inventive, interesting conversationalist. You're appearance, style and attire is unique and "different". Because you're a fixed sign, although you are quite fair and tolerant, may also be inflexible and impatient. Interestingly, you are apt to be so friendly, enjoy the company of friends and friendly banter, yet other's are confused because you're completely happy alone. 
Your partner may not "get you" or understand your possible aloof and/or erratic nature. With Solar ruled Leo on the descendant, you seek a loyal, outgoing, confident partner, one who will be your best friend. Respect is important. Attraction to a partner with those qualities who is outgoing and a good parent is likely. Independent Aquarians thrive when not feeling tied down

One of the first astrological qualities you may seek in a potential partner, is their Sun placement since the Sun rules your descendant. It is also possible for an Aquarian Ascendant to attract a partner who has Uranus or Saturn prominent in their chart. Prominent Uranus or Saturn would be in aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus, or elevated in conjunction to the MC (10th house cusp)or IC (4th house cusp) conjunct or ruling their Ascendant or Descendant or Sun sign in Aquarius.

Knowing the date, time, and place of birth is necessary to determine the Ascendant. This cusp sets up all other cusps; the divisions of  houses or areas of life.

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