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☆♥☆ 2013 Year Number 6 ☆♥☆

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As 2012 drifts away, 2013 resonates with a refreshing, innovative energy in the New Year! The energy of Year 2012 vibrated to the Number 5 (2+0+1+2=5).  Five is an odd number and inherently unstable.  Five wants freedom to do as it pleases and doesn't like to be tied down or told otherwise.  While 5 is a creative number (House 5 in the Zodiac is the home of warm, dramatic, fiery Leo), it is also a restless, sexual, excessive, self indulgent, attention-seeking number.

Year 2013 resonates to Number 6 (2+0+1+3=6): energetic desire for compassionate service. Number 6 is inherently charitable, humanitarian, peaceful, protective, sympathetic, and selfless.  The ability to compromise is enhanced during 2013.  In a number 6 year, individuals will fight for their ideals and become deeply committed to obtain a goal or life path true to their heart.  They will protect or fight for the rights of children and animals, those unable to defend or speak for themselves. 

We have already seen a glimpse of this energy during 2012 with an increase in the formation of Non-Profit Animal Rescue Corporations, Puppy Mill raids, Pit Bull Rescues, and the Rescue and preservation of Exotic Animals across the Globe.  Awareness of the suffering and of pet cats and dogs in Kill Shelters (an oxymoron) and Animal Experimentation was revealed and publicized across Twitter and Facebook.

Our attention was drawn towards the forced drugging of our Nation's children, as young as 2 years old, with pharmaceutical antidepressants, amphetamines, and anti-psychotics in the news on an almost daily basis.  The consequences of which were seen in an increase in childhood suicide,  bullying, prescription drug addiction and their torturous withdrawal side effects, and horrific massacres by young students whose brains were hijacked, gripped in a vice of chemical induced psychosis. 

We will fight for the rights to healthy food. There will be an increased awareness and anger about the detrimental effects of genetically modified and engineered food and its contribution to disease and infertility.  Garbage in, Garbage out.  You are what you eat or ingest.  Native American Indian cultures believe that how we raise our children and how we care for the Earth Mother affects the next 7 generations.  While we all survived "The End of the World", it is obvious that Earth changes are upon us.

The Number 6 Year also radiates the need for love, compassion, grace, companionship and reconciliation.  Individuals may be drawn together to obtain or promote a common cause.  People will stake their lives on obtaining the "truth", no matter what it takes.  In this regard, 6 may be a year in which individuals or groups of people band together relentless to obtain a goal.

Six also seeks union. This may be the need to seek a nurturing relationship culminating in a formal or informal marriage. People will be drawn to find and resonate with another in a 6 Year.

Rider-Waite~US Games
The sixth card in the Tarot is "The Lovers". The Lovers card depicts the unclothed bodies of two lovers, a man and a woman. They bare their souls’ to each other. The man gazes upon the woman while the woman looks up to the spirit, Archangel Gabriel. As the angel hovers over the couple, arms and wings spread as if blessing the pair. The sun shines above his head, bringing warmth and security and light. The leaves on the tree mirror the hair on the Angels head…a symbol of the fires of passion burning deep within the lovers’ soul. This sun and fire is also symbolic of our life force and our impulse to create. The fertile grass beneath their feet, and fruit on the tree suggests growth and happiness.

However, as with each card in the deck or  aspects in a birth chart, there may be negative symbolic manifestations when unfocused. The Snake (Note: Year 2013 is Year of the Snake) coiled in the tree behind the woman is a gentle reminder of the story of Adam and Eve and lurking temptations. There are three people in this card, not two. The third person may be an intruder to the relationship, either an envious, devious troublemaker, or merely a circumstance or event. Either way, there are decisions to be made.

For instance, triangulation may occur when there is a choice to be made between two lovers. The Lovers card “is” a card of choice and decision. Conflicting values arise between sexual love, lust, and spiritual love, although they are closely intertwined. The card may imply struggling temptation between immediate material desires versus staying true to Self on a spiritual path. There may be a conflict between different forms of attraction as
Gemini is a sign of duality and choices.

When the
Lovers card appears it may indicate the coming or presence of a “Soul Mate” relationship. It represents our intensely intimate and sexual relationships. A loving, committed relationship is indicated and desired above all else. Clear, perceptive communication usually brings a beneficial result. Because this is a card of choices, when it appears in a reading it could test one's personal beliefs, values or code of ethics within a relationship. There may be a need to choose between what really soothes the Soul versus what appears as temptation, and ultimately detrimental to one's well-being. There may be an ethical or moral choice.

The Lovers urge for union is rather powerful and takes love to the highest spiritual level, resonating with Angelic symbolism. The Lovers refers to a relationship based on a deep, unwavering love. There is no force more powerful. It doesn’t have to be a sexual relationship although the mutual sexual attraction can be unrivaled.

2013 will be a year to remember, let's welcome its loving energy.


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