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☆♥*♥☆ June's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts,☄

Here is the rundown for the month of June. (✿)

Camelia (c)
6/1: New Moon☽ Solar Eclipse 11° Gemini, 5:03pm EDT= Make a Wish, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe!
6/2: Mercury☿ ---> Gemini♊
6/3: Neptune♆ turns retrograde (rx) 00° Pisces 55 through November 9, 2011 28° Aquarius 08', Mercury☿Uranus♅
6/4: Jupiter♃ ---> Taurus♉ 9:56am EDT, Mercury☿ sextiles* iconoclast Uranus♅
6/5: Moon☽ ---> dramatic Leo♌
6/7: Moon☽ ---> earthy, practical Virgo, Mercury☿ trines disciplined Saturn♄
6/8: Chiron stations retrograde (rx) Pisces 28♓' through November 10 at 00° Pisces 41', Jupiter sextiles Neptune♆
6/9: Venus♀ ---> Gemini, Moon ---> Libra, Moon trines Mars♂ and Venus♀
6/10: VenusNeptune heightens sensitivity, compassion, escapism through drugs or alcohol
6/11: Moon☽ ---> Scorpio♏
6/12: Saturn turns retrograde (rx) 11:51pm EDT, Sun☉ conjuncts☌ Mercury☿, Venus♀ sextiles* Uranus
6/13: Moon☽ ---> Sagittarius♐
6/14:  Flag Day~!
6/15: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24°Sagittarius;  An inner change of awareness, culmination of energy since last New Moon.  May involve females.
6/16: Moon☽ ---> Capricorn♑, Mercury ---> Cancer♋
6/17: Mercury☿ trines Neptune♆ then sextiles * Jupiter♃
6/18: Moon☽ ---> Aquarius♒, Venus♀ trines Saturn♄, Mercury☿□ Uranus♅
6/19:  Happy Father's Day~!  Mercury opposite Pluto♇, careful what you say and to whom.
6/20: Moon☽ ---> Pisces♓, Mars ---> Gemini, energy abounds
6/21: Summer Solstice/Midsummer, Sun☉ ---> Cancer♋, MercurySaturn♄
6/22: Mars♂ □ Neptune♆; energy leaks, water issues, deception; Sun☉ trines Neptune psychic nuances
6/23: Moon☽ --->reactive Aries♈
6/24: Moon sextiles* Venus♀ 6:07pm, great time to socialize after work. Happy Hour!
6/25: Moon☽ ---> Taurus, Sun☉ sextiles* Jupiter♃
6/26: Sun☉Uranus♅
6/27: Mars♂ sextiles* Uranus♅, hot tempered, flash of insight, going, going, gone!
6/28: Moon☽ ---> Gemini; Sun☉ opposes Pluto♇ = power struggles with an authority, manager, boss, parent.
6/29: Mars♂ quincunx Pluto♇
6/30: Moon ☽---> Cancer♋;  , trines Neptune, □ Uranus♅, sextiles Jupiter♃, opposes Pluto
7/1: New Moon Solar EclipseCancer♋;  Solar eclipses bring people, places, and things into ones life, the energy of which lasts from a year to 18 months. New Moon's are new beginnings or awareness.

*Make a Wish, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe!*

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